I’ll be a cow.

Because plant was taken.


New Beginnings, and some Renewed Ones Too

Alright, long time, no see. A lot has been going on lately, the most important thing being that as of today, I’m no longer a resident of Meerut, having shifted to Delhi semi permanently, in the interest of being close to VMC. Definitely better than a 2 hour commute, to and fro. I don’t really miss Meerut yet, but you can’t really be sure of such things. The one thing that I DO miss, however, is my 4 mbps Unlimited, 80GB FUP internet connection. Haven’t had the time to get one yet, although I hear they’ve got Airtel here. :-D. So yeah. Don’t mind my absence, cause I’ll be there ek do din mein. That is, ofcourse, if you give a damn about me.

BTW, blogging with a phone is a pain. :-/

Sir Ravindra Jadeja

“It is a good thing that Einstein died when he did. Else it would have hurt him to see his Theory of Relativity shattered, whenever Sir Ravindra Jadeja hits a ball faster than the speed of light.” – Achintya Sharma

Dare to Dream

This is an inspirational video that I created for my school, Delhi Public School Meerut’s annual award ceremony. It includes examples from the lives of some of the most illustrious personalities ever known, such as Albert Einstein, to people who are little known, but their achievements are not still very significant. I’d say it’s worth a watch. 🙂

The Curious Case of Confessions Pages

One fine day, I was trolling about on Facebook while “studying” SSt, and I came across a page called IIT Confessions. Being one of the thousands of IIT aspirants (read wannabes), I decided to check it out. I was intrigued, and spent the rest of the night reading through all of the two hundred or so confessions, and they managed to change my perception about the IIT’s.

Now, I had always thought of IIT’s as places that had two or maybe three demographics at most. The geeks with thick spectacles and exponentially thicker books, the pot smoking hipsters and the rare all-rounders. Most of these opinions, however, had come from either Chetan Bhagat’s shitty novels, or from 3 Idiots. Anyway, I got to know that life at the IIT’s was a lot more colourful than I thought. People here had stories to tell, pretty interesting ones at that. Inspiring ones, disheartening ones, scary ones, and also wicked tales about their various deeds at the IIT’s. And the anonymity gave them a chance to say what they wanted to, without inhibitions.

In my opinion, that was a pretty cool idea. I decided to set up such a page for my own school, but kept on procrastinating it for a few weeks. During that time, a lot of these pages mushroomed out of nowhere, all of them obviously “inspired” by the IIT page. I followed a lot of them, and read about a LOT of things. After a while, I saw the nature of the confessions changing. From talking about incidents, happenings and actions, the posts were now about people.

One does not simply use an anonymous service to complement someone’s shoelaces or something, so the posts were obviously malicious. People called each other names, bitched about each other, and expressed their “love” for each other. The entire thing, quite honestly, was sickening. I quite distinctly remember reading about anonymous letters in an Enid Blyton novel, when I was 10. Apparently, anonymous letters were sent by the “lowliest of the low”.

Anyway, these perverts, morons and cowards on the confessions pages were so damn predictable that I’ve managed to generalize them:

  1. The Genuine Confessors: These are the people who actually use confessions pages for their intended purpose, that is, for telling people about their actions or opinions anonymously, WITHOUT bitching about other people.
  2. The Cowards: These are the ones that I detest the most. They hide behind a Google Docs form and a Facebook page, and bitch about other people. XYZ is a bitch. I hate ABC. PQR, I’ll beat you up.

    Abbey jab itni hi dikkat hai toh muh pe bolne ke liye kya Baba Phooka ne mana kia hai?

  3. The Wannabe Majnus: The “Wannabe Majnus” are guys who use these pages to express their “love” and affection for girls WAY out of their league. Kinda like the 21st century version of writing on bathroom walls. (I’ve generalized here. For the female version, see number 4. )

    Rehan do bhaiya, tumse na ho payega. Maamla tumhri aukaat se bahar hai.

  4. Gooey Eyed Girls – Girls who post about their crushes on random guys, mostly seniors, are what I call Gooey Eyed Girls. They generally put so many <3’s in the confession that it becomes hard to make head or tail out of it. (Much to my surprise, even I have “female admirers”. :-P)

     Jaa ke bol do yaar. No matter how big a Star Wars fan the guy is, he will NOT want to date someone called #C5 or #C153. If he feels the same way, awesome. If not, better luck next time.

  5. The Grammar Nazis: I can tell you a lot about these people, being one myself. Confessions pages provide HUGE amounts of prey for this crowd, and they take every chance to pounce on it. Not much wrong with it, because people use ATROCIOUS grammar on these pages. However, most of these people are just big show offs. (I ain’t one, obviously.)
    Laundiya patayenge, angrezi jhaad ke.

Honesty & Courage are things taught everywhere, but they aren’t easy to find. I have had the “privilege” to admin one of these pages, and believe me. It was disgusting, having to filter through all of the shit that people think should be put up in public. The only plausible reason for these pages to go on is that some of the confessions will get the confessor in trouble at school or college. (Swiping food from a teacher’s lunch box is pretty badass.) For everything except that, I’ll just say this:

Muh pe bolne ki himmat hai toh bol, warna chup rah.

Well, summing up, thanks for reading through all of this. Now I’ll say my goodbyes and let you get back to keeping an eye on one of these pages, because no matter how much you say you hate them, they are undeniably addictive.

Hello World!

After some deliberation, I have decided to set up a blog. It’s going to be about how I see things, my opinions, and the stuff that I write. I’ll also throw in the occasional meme or some other cool stuff. Some of my opinions may seem radical or might not please anyone, but well. Can’t please everyone. I’d love to have some feedback from the people reading this, and there is a comments box below, for that very reason.

Anyway, glad to have you here. I’d totally appreciate it if you come back to check out stuff that I post here later.

Peace out.